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Numerous studies have shown that arts education is essential for developing fully formed, well-rounded students. Students who receive exposure to both the applied and the performing arts learn valuable skills in the areas of critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and social interaction. These skills are essential to ensure future success. International Ballet Theatre is committed to helping provide students with opportunities to experience and learn about dance art. Working with schools, IBT offers a variety of programs designed to broaden student horizons and give them creative learning opportunities they may not otherwise receive in their academic career.

International Ballet Theatre Visits Your School
Dance For All
Bring a Friend - Inspiration Month
International Ballet  Academy/Theater - Celebrating our CommUNITY

International Ballet Theatre Visits Your School

International Ballet Theatre wishes to share a love of dance with the broadest possible audience. Each year, IBT offers public and private schools the opportunity to get a visit from dancers from our upcoming productions to schools and classrooms in our community. IBT is excited to share The Nutcracker and our IBT for Children productions with public, private, and home-schooled students.


An IBT visit to your school offers an abridged 30-45-minute presentation, where students get the wonderful opportunity to interact with dancers from our Preparatory Program, Pre and Professional Division, learn, do a movement with our dancers, ask questions and take pictures that will long last in student's hearts. 

School Visits are a perfect introduction to the history and stories behind each of our productions, where students find the connection between ballet and all forms of art (literature, theater, music) and discover new forms of personal expression through dance. School visits happen 2-3 weeks prior to our magical performances at the Meydenbauer Theatre in Bellevue.  

For each of our school performances, the International Ballet Theatre Dance Education and Outreach Program can provide a supplemental study guide that contains viewing tips and detailed material on ballet and dance. 


School Visits are for ANY public, private, and home-school organizations with a suitable public space where dancers and students can safely enjoy this unique event. 


Please contact us in advance by email or 425.822.7694 to reserve space for your group, we'd love to visit all our schools.

Please share our resources with teachers/educators, your PTA, and your community.


IF you as a parent, educator, homeschooler are interested on having IBT's dancers visiting your schools during our upcoming events, please complete the form of interest below so we can reach out and connect. 

Our Upcoming School Visits  dates will be posted soon. Subscribe to our Outreach newsletter for updates.

Support for these endeavors is provided by 4Culture.

We'd love to visit your school, please send us your interest form here:
Is this your first time attending?

Thank you for your interest, I'll reach out soon

Dance With Us

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Through lectures and demonstrations, IBT's Dance for All addresses the need for arts education in our community. With specially designed narrated performances, IBT aims to:

  • Introduce dance and music from around the world to young people

  • Foster an appreciation for the performing arts

  • Develop and educate future audiences


Students learn the fundamentals of dance movement as well as authentic classical and folkloric dances appropriate for children. Along with the performance tickets, IBT also distributes a study guide to help teachers prepare their students for the presentation.

Contact us for more information.

International Ballet Academy dancers are a source of inspiration to many, during the month of November we want to highlight the passion and dedication of all our dancers.

We want others to get inspire by our incredible dancers in all programs and connect with our supportive community. Thank you to all our amazing instructors, we have created the "Get Inspired Events, offered in November and soon in January.  Dancers will have the opportunity to bring a friend to one of the classes created for each program. Dates and Times are specified for each level.

Dancers must register their guest dancer to help our amazing instructors plan accordingly. More information for this event again soon.

International Ballet Theatre Connects with our Community

The International Ballet Academy and Theatre is proud of the rich multicultural diversity in our community, and we want to celebrate the influence, heritage, cultural influence, and abundant contributions each individual and family brings to our community.

Please join us each month to celebrate our history and heritage. Learn with us and share with us the flavors, music, traditions, and culture. 

There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.

        -Margaret J. Wheatley

Hispanic Heritage


09-15 - 10-15

Global Awareness




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Past Events

Bring a Friend

to your Class

Professional Division

Upcoming Events


Celebrating International Women's Day March 8th

Visit to Schools (Jungle Book)

March 12th

Visit Seattle Children's Hospital

March 19th


Dance with me : Mother’s Day 

Multicultural Day


Bring a Friend

Dance with me : Fathers Day

Jungle Book Learning Guide - Color

IBT visits your school

Letter to Families


School Materials

Cedar Crest Academy (K-5th Grade) - Nutcracker Performance 

December 14th 7:00 p.m


Inspiring Bellevue

December 13th 12:30-1:30

Bellevue Square


Nutcracker Connecting with Schools

December 24-25th 2023

Nominate a fellow dancer who

has shown kindness to you or others

December 1st - 23rd

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